Programa de Trainee Mercedes-Benz 2018


Cursos: Administração de Empresas; Ciências Contábeis; Marketing; Publicidade e Propaganda; Engenharias; Economia; Pedagogia; Psicologia; Ciências Econômicas; Tecnologia da Informação; Física.

Área de atuação: Information Office Brazil – Corporate Functions; Human Resources; Procurement; Finance & Controlling; Marketing Communication & Intelligence

Ano de conclusão: Dec/2015 to Jul/2018

Idiomas: Fluent in English language (minimum B2 – upper intermediate)

The candidates have to: 

- Availability to travel and work abroad;

- MS Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word);


Trainee Program @ Mercedes-Benz do Brasil Ltda.

Entry Path for Future Leaders @ Daimler Trucks & Buses


Individual Xperiences within Daimler Trucks & Buses

In our trainee program you will have the opportunity to act and stand out on several work fronts at Mercedes-Benz Trucks & Buses division, both in Brazil and abroad.

Our vision is to foster the next generation of inspiring leaders by developing people with a globally diverse mindset and a passion for Daimler Trucks and Buses.


A program focused on our local business and connected globally!

Program highlights:

- Get connected within home area and understand the business

- Deep dive into our organizational culture

- Customer experience

- Involvement in international projects

- Joint global peer sessions with leadership elements

- Mentorship with Top Management


Position #1: Information Office Brazil – Corporate Functions 

Make things happen!

You will strongly contribute to the digital transformation process, anticipating technological trends, developing and implementing solutions in the complete production chain.

Acting to correct failures and support corporate systems, inspiring and empowering people.

We work with a focus on creating a competitive advantage for Mercedes-Benz products and services, increasing the satisfaction of our customers, dealers and employees.

Your tasks as trainee include:

- Leadership of Local and Global IT Projects – ensuring execution in time, budget and quality.

- Design and specification of IT solutions, ensuring integration, security of information and use of homologated technologies.

- Support the business areas to solve IT issues involving IT Suppliers, local/central infrastructure and local applications.

- Support the business areas to guarantee the solution of incidents.

- Design and define the IT architecture, infrastructure and IT security for applications, including hardware and software specification.

Description of the future task in the entry function after the trainee program as alumni

Data Scientist:

The main objective is to organize and analyze large amounts of data, often using software specifically designed for the task. The final results need to be easy enough for all invested stakeholders to understand — especially those working outside of IT.

The approach to data analysis depends on the specific needs of the business area.

Therefore, it is mandatory a business domain expertise to translate company or departmental goals into data-based deliverables such as prediction engines, pattern detection analysis, optimization algorithms, and so on.

Position #2: Human Resources Latin America

Our people! Our success!

Take part of this journey by giving us our best ideas in how we can become more digital and agile!

Your focus will be to support the business by being part of the department that takes care of the company’s most valuable asset: our employees!

You will have an opportunity to be involved in an automotive environment and get familiar with all HR departments. And finally, you will strongly contribute to the new cultural change acting as a change agent.

Your subjects as trainee include:

- New performance management concept

- Digital solutions for HR processes

- Diversity in automotive industry

- Involvement in compensation studies

Position #3: Procurement Non Productive Material for Commercial Vehicles & MBC South America

Be bold globally!

IPS sources globally all non-production material for Daimler´s entities with a strong footprint at the locations. You will strongly contribute to the entire company at all business units. Achieving good prices is key but a good procurement team looks far beyond! You will actively define commodity strategies and seek for optimized specifications with your business partners safeguarding their need for performance and innovation. To make things happen you will be highly connected to your business partners and have a strong partnership with them. Collaboration is key locally and globally. As part of an international organization you will be invited to join a strong global team to exchange experiences and opportunities with all IPS community.

Your tasks as trainee include:

- Source performance an innovation for Daimler´s success;

- Be part and partner of the business – global and powerful;

- Shape supplier relationship from search to final delivery;

- Enforce a culture of integrity and corporate social responsibility;

- Act as a team of passionate professionals.

Description of the future task in the entry function after the trainee program as alumni

You will be responsible for avrg 10 Million Euros in contracts per year.

Every nomination of supplier involves some activities, as per:

- You are empowered to define and implement commodity strategies;

- Search and define optimized solutions in cooperation with the business partner and suppliers – local and global;

- Keep connection and definition of joint search strategy with Global Commodity Managers;

- Align, plan and implement measures to deliver expected savings within defined lead time;

- Ensure compliance in all sourcing processes.


Position #4: Product Engineering Trucks

You will strongly contribute to the entire testing vehicle process. Since the customer TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and greenhouse gas emission (CO2) analysis and understanding until conceptualization of the potential measures of Fuel Efficiency, passing through alignment with specialist areas (including development area Trucks DAG in Stuttgart, conducting evidential tests and evaluation of results and reporting. Your focus will be: to have the best product, on time, and with less TCO cost.

Your tasks as trainee include:

- Participate together with customer team in the intermodality program in order to understand better their new demand on the subject TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and greenhouse gas emission (CO2), where the aspect of fuel consumption has a great influence.

- Conceptualization of the potential measures of Fuel Efficiency

- Alignment of action plan with specialists area.

- Conducting evidential tests

- Evaluation of results and reporting in several internal forums

- Alignment of calculation results together with Germany and Brazil calculation department

- Alignment of development strategy with the development area Truck DAG-Stuttgart

- Preparation of documents for validation of the strategy by the OpCom Brazil and Daimler Trucks development head group


Position #5: Finance & Controlling

Do you want to drive Mercedes-Benz’s performance!?

You will be part of a global Finance & Controlling community playing an active role providing transparent, reliable and integrated financial information. You’ll be connected to our partners worldwide to support the development of strategic projects contributing to the business improvement in Brazil/Latin America. You are expected to be familiar with the technologies that might disrupt finance working model and be able comfortably in this new fast-changing reality. Be prepared to be constantly challenged!

Your subjects as trainee include:

- Act as a team player - navigate within F&C area connecting points and proposing improvement measures

- Support local and global ongoing projects providing reliable F&C information

- Be agile creative - turn data into valuable management information using analytics/big data

- Stay tuned with new technologies for finance


Position #6: Marketing Communication & Intelligence

Inspire us!

Our world is transforming itself every day. It is getting digital, autonomous, connected – a whole new industry. What we offer to you is to be a part of this transformation within Truck Sales Business. You will be a part of a team that hears the needs of our customers every day and works to create new projects with complete solutions for them! This team likes to innovate, tests new ideas,  take risks and is not afraid of making mistakes. We need you to be a part of this co-creation process. Join us and bring inspiration with your personality and life experience.

Your tasks as trainee include:

- Analysis of customer behaviors and market development in order to create best communication strategy

- Strategy design for specific actions and sales campaigns

- Contribute to the creation predictive models and integration of artificial intelligence in sales processes

Description of the future task in the entry function after the trainee program as alumni

After the trainee program, the task will be to automatize the maximum of marketing processes. Communication plan will be developed automatically with artificial intelligence tools, per segment, per region and per communication tool.

Big data will be used entirely including market data and customer behaviors in real time and will be integrated to the planning process.

Another important task will be to create tools and systems to measure the effectiveness of marketing actions and related investment.



- Company Transfer (São Paulo and Campinas destination);

- On site Restaurant;

- Medical Assistance;

- PPLR - Profit or Result Sharing Plans;


Very competitive base salary

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